Basically I am a simple person - but I love everything that electronic music has to offer. This I can attribute to the music I compose and listen as you can get a good music experience. I hope you can follow my thoughts - since you have found my way to my music, I hope the music speaks to you and maybe take you further into the electronic music. In my own work to compose music, I am inspired by the ancient Vikings and New Age music, my music is very much like to reflect a more relaxing experience for you as a listener and the nature of electronic music. Viking Age has always fascinated me, I have traveled throughout Scandinavia and experienced the places where the Vikings had their movements and has left me inspired, by their beautiful surroundings. I reproduce here in my version of how the Vikings could also be neat and nice people.

I have since my youth back in 1977-78 always listened to electronic music, my first encounter with music was Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream and Vangelis - I bought all their vinyl records the time and swam into a dream universe, it was strong stuff for a teenager who had a different taste in music at the time, that taste I know today that I shared with very many others. Today I am still fascinated by their works. Throughout the 1980s, I was very attracted to New Age music that has been my heart since then.


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