A bit about me

I have since my youth back in 1977-78 always listened to electronic music, my first encounter with music was Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream and Vangelis - I bought all their vinyl records the time and swam into a dream universe, it was strong stuff for a teenager who had a different taste in music at the time, that taste I know today that I shared with very many others. Today I am still fascinated by their works. Throughout the 1980s, I was very attracted to New Age music that has been my heart since then. I appreciate the simple, even in my music it should reflect simplicity. I also hope you find this simplicity by listening to my music. I personally love the long pieces of music that allow you to listen to expressions for yourself and make it possible to interpret your own thoughts - I hope you had so much pleasure listening to my music as it has been a pleasure, to compose the music for joy to you.

Lovely comfortable electronic music, in addition to the imagination of Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen - The music is a room of loving tones and comfortable compositions

My New album Clouds Drifting in Time 2021

It's now time to reveal my new album title and cover, there have been considerations about pictures and title to cover along the way, I admit it has taken me over a month to review pictures that fit the album perfectly, and finally it's there. The picture is very much surrounded by the fact that it was taken by the North Sea 1 hour just before sunset, one of the moments I love the most. The title reflects where in the time we are today 2021 and we must find the new energies as there are.


September 4, 2021

Finally, the date of September 22 2021 is set for the release of my new album CLOUDS DRIFTING IN TIME -
the plan was to release it here sometime during the summer, but it has been worth the wait, so the album contains 15 tracks and not 13 tracks as originally was the plan. This whole album is Ambient downtempo,
look forward to exploring this album, which of course is released on all music services around the world.

Check out your favorite streaming service for this release.

Greetings Steen